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Building and construction can lift productivity through standardised digital product data

New Zealand’s building and construction industry can lift its poor productivity by establishing a digital database on building products...

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Customer loyalty: How to make customers fall in love with the digital experience

Thought leadership webinar on Customer Loyalty with Sally Copland, WoolworthsNZ.

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Transport and Logistics

Free SSCC Logistics Label Tool

GS1 has built a useful, online tool just for our members to streamline this process. 

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Sweet as! Speciality honeys beyond Manuka

Everyone knows manuka honey is something special. But what about avocado or pohutukawa honeys?

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Barcodes in graphic design - 2020 winners

Raise The Bar 2020, GS1’s annual barcode design competition for students.

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Drinkers awake to a new brew from Morningside

Move aside craft beer, there’s a new beverage on the block for people who love different flavours while they socialise.

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The business value in the Ministry of Health Covid-19 poster

The ‘Team of 5 million’ feel safe behind our borders, and the use of the app and the download of the Covid-19 Posters has slowed.

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Want to improve customer experience

Improving consumer experience with a product data standard

Reliable, complete and consistent product data plays an important role in enabling a seamless experience.

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#giveupthebottle Solid bar toiletries to replace plastic

Ethique is helping New Zealanders – and many others across the world – rid their bathrooms of single use plastic bottles one wash at a time.

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RAIN in Lower Hutt – your new experience

New Zealand businesses are invited to discover the latest in RFID (radio frequency identification) for themselves, courtesy of technology innovator Times-7.

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Wood engineering

Engineering timber for more sustainable buildings

The future of engineered timber for construction is here...

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RFID on-farm trialling continues

On-farm trials continue to explore the potential productivity gains for New Zealand farmers from the use of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID technology.

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