Standards that share

The more standardised information you provide about your products, the more and better informed your customers’ purchase decisions will be, and the easier it will be to showcase your products online and throughout the global supply chain.

GS1 standards enable more accurate and easier sharing of information throughout the global supply chain and market ecosystems to provide enhanced visibility and traceability so that consumers can have trust and confidence in what they’re buying.

Product Data - National Product Catalogue

The smart, secure way to share quality product information with your customers.

GS1’s National Product Catalogue (NPC) helps you enter, validate, store, maintain and share your product data in one, single location. The NPC is currently used by over 800 organisations including suppliers, retailers and healthcare providers across New Zealand and holds over 300,000 products.



Truly Global


Visibility of your product’s origin and journey through the supply chain is essential for enhanced consumer safety and confidence. 

GS1 standards help businesses build traceability from start to finish so consumers and trading partners can know what’s in your stuff, where it is, and where it’s going - allowing you to do business better.


GS1's standards are used and trusted by over 2 million companies and organisations globally to ensure their products are safe and traceable worldwide


With businesses across the world trusting GS1 standards for efficient and effective traceability outcomes, the global network is established for the optimal outcomes - for everyone. 

Truly Global

It’s only by using GS1’s global standards for products and locations that global traceability can be truly effective.

Product Recall

Efficient and effective business processes are key when it comes to ensuring consumer safety. ProductRecallNZ streamlines the way you communicate a product recall and withdrawal in the food & grocery sector, with notices that are targeted, precise and immediately actionable.


Real-time notifications and information sharing

Reduced costs

Reduced costs in undertaking a product withdrawal or recall


Minimise stress and reputational damage


Faster, more complete recall of any faulty products

On-Pack data collection

With online shopping on the rise, it’s more important than ever to communicate your product’s label information and create a ‘digital twin’. Our on-pack data collection service records and shares the ingredients, nutritional information, allergen warnings and marketing claims to meet consumer demand and retailer requirements for accurate product information that ultimately leads to better visibility of your products online.  


Data is shared with major grocery retailers


Used in both on-shelf and online markets


Supply chain efficiency


Data is stored securely

Media Library

MediaLibrary is an on-line, secure, 24/7, one-stop-shop for managing all your marketing material, so you’ll never share a bad product photograph again. You have total control of product images, videos, documents, and other assets that your trading partners use and share to promote your product – ensuring your product shines every time.   


A single source for all your assets, stored securely


Online, 24/7 access to both New Zealand and Australian retailers


Easy to use, saving you time, stress and money

GS1 2D barcodes

More and more, businesses as well as consumers, are wanting to know more about a product on-shelf or online. 

GS1 2D barcodes offer many benefits because they can have significantly more product information encoded in it, such as batch/lot number, serial number, best before date use-by-date and much more – and all in one, single (and small) barcode symbol.   

When the barcode is scanned at the checkout, for example, customers can be alerted if the product is past its expiry date or is subject to a recall. More accurate expiration date management will assist retailers in automating markdowns, date-based discounts and inventory management. Product suppliers will benefit by having a smaller barcode on packaging and labels than traditional linear barcodes.

Digital Link

Today’s consumers are scanning product barcodes with their phones to learn more about what they are buying - or considering buying. GS1’s ‘web-enabled’ Digital Link barcode, connects a physical product to its online ‘digital twin’ so a customer can be guided to further information about the product or company or even manuals or video guides.

One small 2D barcode can reveal a wealth of information that just can’t be squeezed into a traditional linear barcode.