Media Library

Media Library

Exchange all kinds of digital content.

Allows trading partners to exchange digital content used in printed collateral, websites, Point of Sale, mobile apps and general promotional use.

GS1 New Zealand's Media Library is flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs and requirements to assist in getting your product to market

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What is Media Library?

Use Media Library to share all kinds of digital content.

Media Library is a digital asset management solution. It allows you to store, organise, find and share digital content within your organisation and trading partners. 

Benefits of Media Library


Easy to use, saving you time,
stress and money

A single source of truth
for all assets stored securely

Accessible to both
New Zealand and Australian retailers

Replaces file sharing software
and attaching images to emails

Unlimited users and
downloads for your company

Free minor editing of
your images


"We don't want to rely on emails for images any more...
we want a one-stop-shop"

Kitty Ling, Senior Manager Analytics Transformation at Woolworths NZ

Benefits for retailers

Access to a wide range of products
including Food & Grocery, Health & Beauty
and Stationery

Link to your systems
to feed image updates directly

Filter and download images
that meet your specific requirements

Retailers using Media Library

An online, one-stop-shop
for storing and sharing all digital assets

Get started with GS1 New Zealand's
Media Library today.
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