Smart Search

Increase sales through more relevant search results

GS1 Smart Search is a standard that allows businesses to benefit by providing better data about their products to search engines like Google and Bing.

Increase sales

Whether you're an organisation or a retailer, GS1 Smart Search helps you to increase sales of your products online.

By adding structured product information to your product web pages, you help search engines display more relevant search results to your trading partners. This leads to more click throughs to your product pages and more sales. 

70% of sales

Today 70% of all sales are influenced by information consumers find on the internet, whether they purchase online or at the store.

eCommerce sales continue to grow significantly across all product categories around the world, which is why it's important for product information to be visible and accurate. 

Structured data

GS1 Smart Search structures data to make it much easier for search engines (such as Google) to understand and use more accurate product information. 

Research has demonstrated that structured data appears high in relevant search results, and that higher search positions can lead to an increase in web traffic. With this level of search relevance and visibility, your consumers will be able to find (and buy) exactly what they're looking for. 

Benefits of Smart Search

Structured data in a standard format

More relevant search results for consumers

Accurate information displayed to users

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