What we do

What we do

The global language of business.

GS1 believes in the power of standards to transform the way we work and live. Wherever you are on your business journey, GS1 works with you by providing the services and solutions to get the job done right, the first time.

About GS1 New Zealand

GS1 is a global family of not for profit, member owned organisations. GS1 New Zealand works together with organisations to share accurate information with their communities to streamline the way they work.

Whatever your industry sector, be it Retail, Government, Healthcare, Production or Manufacturing, GS1 New Zealand offers the right tools and solutions necessary to support your organisation.

We do this through industry collaboration and by providing a suite of GS1’s global standards and solutions, including unique identifiers, traceability tools and data sharing systems.

GS1's smart solutions to help you on your business journey:

Starting out in business?

GS1 New Zealand can support you to begin your business journey the right way:

Growing your product range?

GS1 New Zealand can support you with an efficient and transparent supply chain process:

Scaling up your business?

GS1 New Zealand can support you with managing and optimising your product supply chain:

Exporting your products?

GS1 New Zealand can support you to provide visibility and trust in the supply chain:

Talk with GS1 today

GS1 New Zealand's professional and friendly team are here to work with you and support you in streamlining your business operations. Talk with GS1 today, please email [email protected] or phone 0800 10 23 56.