GS1 New Zealand's global data standards and solutions efficiently identify, capture and share vital product and location information. 

Standards that Identify

Globally standardised, unique identifiers are at the heart of what we do – for products and locations.

These fuel our data sharing systems and traceability tools, giving you, your trading partners, and customers visibility to identify, track, trace, and manage products and locations at any point in time. 

Uniquely identifying your products and locations using barcodes and location numbers, streamlines your business to work more effectively and efficiently across your supply chain and on a global scale.

Standards that capture

Capture important product and location information using a GS1 capture solution. Choose a GS1 barcode or a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag for scanning at the checkout and throughout the supply chain.

We can also help make your product shine every time. Our product photography service provides the visual information that data can’t quite cover, or we can capture it all for you – the label data, visuals and a barcode test using our ProductFlow service, so you can focus on other things.

Standards that share

The more standardised information you provide about your products, the more and better informed your customers’ purchase decisions will be, and the easier it will be to showcase your products online and throughout the global supply chain.

GS1 standards enable more accurate and easier sharing of information throughout the global supply chain and market ecosystems to provide enhanced visibility and traceability so that consumers can have trust and confidence in what they’re buying.