Transport and logistics

Delivering a super-efficient end to end supply chain; globally standardising logistics labelling enables a smoother journey, end to end visibility and a better customer experience.

An efficient transport and logistics sector is critical to our country’s economy.

As a manufacturer, retailer or logistics service provider, you need to know exactly where your shipments are at any time, where they have come from and when and where they are due to arrive. It is here where GS1’s transport and logistics solutions drive real value.

Providing ultimate visibility

Identifying, capturing and sharing information about the movement of shipments not only enhances the visibility of it throughout the supply chain but creates a connected, highly efficient, sustainable and collaborative logistics environment globally.

GS1 is working with transport and logistics operators to achieve real-time visibility throughout the supply chain, from source to consumer, no matter what the mode of transport or the operator responsible for that leg.

Scan4Transport – Driving digital capability in logistics

Scan4Transport (S4T) is the global standard for encoding transport data into a logistics label. The standard supports companies across the transport process including first mile, sortation and last mile activities and enables them to keep pace with the growing needs of their customers.

Having a single logistics label for use worldwide for all transport modes has many benefits:

  • Operators can share common logistics information quickly and efficiently for both first and last mile processes.
  • This provides enhanced supply chain visibility throughout the transport journey.
  • S4T also supports enhanced sortation opportunities because of the rich information that can be encoded into the logistics label. All this leads to smoother processes and a better customer experience.

Watch the S4T video to hear from the industry about what this means for them.

Learn more about Scan4Transport (S4T)

Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) – the simplicity of one logistics label

Pallets and other transport units in the food and grocery and liquor industries are required to be labelled with a GS1 logistics label. Each shipping container, transport unit or pallet is identified with a unique tracking number called a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). Learn more