Verified by GS1

Search the global GS1 Registry Platform to look up product information supplied by the brand owner.

Trust and efficiency start with a valid ID.
Get product identity right with Verified by GS1.

We live in a world where data drives business. E-commerce websites offer millions of products to consumers—and billions of barcodes are scanned in physical stores every day. Unfortunately, retailers and marketplaces cannot confidently verify the products they sell using a single source of trusted product information. Now with Verified by GS1's global registry you can answer the question: “Is this the product that I think it is”?

What is Verified by GS1?

Verified by GS1 is a global registry of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), used to answer three key questions:

  1. Is the GTIN (barcode number) a valid GTIN (barcode number)
  2. Which company is a GTIN (barcode number) is licenced to
  3. Whether a set of basic attributes are present for the GTIN (barcode number).

Verified by GS1 makes it possible for brand owners to share core data about their products and for retailers and marketplaces to verify the identity of the products they sell.