New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

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What is the NZBN?

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a unique 13 digit identifier for all New Zealand businesses, including companies, sole traders, partnerships, registered charities, trusts and government agencies.

The NZBN is a GS1 standard issued by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to help businesses better connect and interact through a network of shared services. NZBNs link to the core information businesses are most often asked to share, like their trading name and phone number which saves time and money when transacting with each other, and with government.

Benefits of having an NZBN

The NZBN offers New Zealand businesses an array of benefits. The NZBN is a globally unique identifier that has the ability to talk to any external systems with information specific to a business, such as:  

  • Doing business is faster and easier
    The NZBN will speed up processes like invoicing, procurement, credit applications and new customer onboarding. It also means businesses can share their NZBN once, instead of repeating the same information, saving time and money.

  • Having an NZBN offers certainty
    An NZBN shows customers, suppliers and government agencies that a business is real, providing them with more confidence when they deal with you. In turn, you can quickly check the details of your suppliers and customers.

  • Information is kept up to date quickly and easily
    By connecting to the NZBN Register, your business will be notified as soon as an organisation you work with makes a change to its information with an NZBN watch list setup or if the free NZBN API is integrated into a business’s systems. The businesses you work with can also be automatically notified when your business details change.

  • It’s easier to deal with government
    Increasingly, government agencies are using the NZBN to identify the businesses they deal with.

Watch this video to learn more about the NZBN, and read case studies about how businesses like Fix & Fogg, Rioch and Foodstuffs are using the NZBN to transform the way they do business.

How can GS1 help you?

The NZBN is a Global Location Number (GLN), which is globally unique and part of a credible international system with strong links to trade and supply chain logistics.

The NZBN will make you visible to overseas trading partners in the GS1 cloud, making it easier to exchange your legal status and product information.

Your digital and customer relationship strategies may also require you to identify business locations and functions. GS1 New Zealand can help by providing you with extensions to your business’s NZBN using the same GS1 standard, and include these extensions in their management using MyGS1.

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