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Agribusiness is the backbone of New Zealand’s economy. As government pressure and consumer demand around food safety and product authenticity increases, GS1 standards and solutions are critical in achieving new requirements for traceability, especially in international trade.

GS1 identification and network standards, barcode and radio frequency identification technologies are now the standards of choice for use in global supply chains.

New efficiencies in the agribusiness sector

The major agribusiness retailers (Farm Source, Farmlands, Rural Co and PGG Wrightson) are working with suppliers to pursue pro-competitive collaboration to align on the use of global data standards to create a 'common language' for the sharing of key product data. Agreeing to work collaboratively in the master data arena to standardise the product attributes required from a supplier will increase supply chain visibility and efficiency and reduce costs for all participants.

Agribusiness Initiatives

Barcodes are the basis for business transactions in retail environments and in agribusiness. GS1 standards are used by New Zealand’s merchants and suppliers to enhance business efficiency and improve the customer experience.

National Product Catalogue

The National Product Catalogue (NPC) is a Trans-Tasman online tool used to streamline how trading partners share product and price information more efficiently and accurately. The NPC is part of a global network.

Photography and Digital Assets

High quality product images are essential for both online and on-shelf promotions. We deliver quality photography and image storage to suit supplier and merchant needs.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification technology has been used in New Zealand agribusiness for years to streamline the identification and track and trace of livestock. GS1’s RFID solutions are the most widely used globally.

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