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New Zealand is reliant on the productivity of its agribusiness sector for its place in the world. As government pressure and consumer demand around food safety and product authenticity increases, new requirements for traceability are more important than ever before. GS1 standards are now critical in achieving these outcomes.

There is general recognition and acceptance in New Zealand that its trading partners will make the existence of credible systems that provide whole-of-life tracing of agricultural products a major factor in their decisions from which countries or suppliers the purchase from. The use of GS1 standards throughout the industry therefore become critical in ensuring New Zealand is positioned well internationally.

GS1 identification and network standards, barcode and radio frequency identification technologies are now the standards of choice for use in global supply chains, especially those industries that New Zealand relies on notably the kiwifruit industry, dairy, wine, fruit and produce, seafood, livestock farming and meat processing.

GS1 and Agribusiness Merchants

The use and application of barcodes and barcoding is a basis for business transactions in retail environments, and increasingly in agribusiness. The use of GS1 standards have been encouraged by the main merchants in New Zealand because of the enhanced business benefits provided and improved customer satisfaction.

In early 2009 CRT, Elders, Farmlands and PGC Wrightson encouraged their suppliers to use GS1 standards for product identification and marking (including barcoding). To ensure the barcodes worked correctly, the merchants encouraged suppliers to use the GS1 New Zealand's Barcode Verification service. Read more...

National Product Catalogue and Agribusiness

National Product Catalogue in simple terms is an online product catalogue service that lets suppliers enter, validate, store and maintain all their product data in a single location. This information can then be shared with their trading partners.

The Agribusiness industry in New Zealand has approved GS1net data requirements and business rules for their suppliers. View these requirements.

EPC RFID and Agribusiness

There is huge potential in using EPC RFID technology in Agribusiness, for both on-farm applications and within processing and packaging facilities, to increase operating efficiency and enable robust traceability. 

Photography & Digital Asset Management

We take a range of photos depending on your needs, from planogram and basic catalogue to high quality photos of products suitable for all brand promotional, point-of-sale and online applications. We also have services that will enable you to store, manage and share your digital assets with your trading partners. Find out more here.

Get informed and keep up with industry developments by visiting the NZ RFID Pathfinder website and the RFID Journal website.

If you require additional information or have any enquiries about GS1 and Agribusiness, please contact Vijay Todkar.