Minimise the impact and cost of a product recall or withdrawal.

ProductRecallNZ modernises the way you communicate recall and withdrawal information with notices that are targeted, precise and immediately actionable. It enables effective and efficient communication of recall and withdrawal information between businesses.

Active companies: 2,400 and growing!

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Benefits of ProductRecallNZ

Faster, more complete recall of any faulty products

Real time notifications
and data exchange

Minimise stress
and reputational damage

An easy to use system
can replace manual processes

Perform ‘mock recalls’ for auditing and training purposes

Reduced costs in the withdrawal and recall process

Why use GS1's ProductRecallNZ?

"It's an industry solution to a very real issue," Mark Bell - Woolworths New Zealand.

"The benefits really are clear communication of very fast and effective processes."

"If you are looking for an industry wide, accepted solution to a legal responsibility a supplier has, then this is a quick and easy, effective solution. And I'd recommend it", states Mark Bell.

Businesses benefiting from GS1's ProductRecallNZ

ProductRecallNZ Pricing

Annual Turnover Annual Member Fee Annual Affiliate Fee
$0-1m $110 $340
$1-2m $290 $690
$2-10m $540 $1,150
$10-30m $855 $1,525
$30-100m $1,200 $2,585
$100-500m $1,800 $3,950
$500m-1b $2,185 $4,890
$1b+ $2,700 $6,300


NOTE: All prices are GST exclusive.

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