Barcode Quick Start

A 30 minute interactive training session, plus questions, on GS1 barcodes and getting your product to market. 

A GS1 New Zealand team member takes you through barcoding your products and getting them to market or into the supply chain. You'll be able to ask questions during and after the session.

What's covered?

The Barcode Quick Start webinar covers:

  • How to identify your products
  • What is a barcode and how does it work
  • Choosing the correct barcode and more...


Held weekly on Tuesday 2:00pm and Wednesday 10.30am and it's FREE for GS1 New Zealand members. If you're not a GS1 New Zealand member, please contact GS1 New Zealand.

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Note: You need to register at least 24 hours prior to the webinar start time.

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