Sell more products online with a GS1 GTIN (barcode number).

Selling online successfully starts with a globally unique GS1 GTIN.

Most marketplaces require a GTIN

A GTIN helps marketplaces simplify the sellers' listing process and improves the quality of their product catalogues by reducing duplications or incorrect product numbers. It also makes it a lot easier for customers to search and find your product, accurately and quickly.

If you want to sell your products on global e-commerce sites or online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Mercado, Libre, Cdiscount, eMag or, you need a GTIN, a Global Trade Item Number (i.e, a barcode number).

A GTIN is a number that uniquely identifies your product as your own – it’s licensed to you for global use. It is the number you see under the barcode on product packaging and it’s the number you use to list products online.

With a GTIN from GS1 NZ, you can list your products quickly and accurately and avoid issues such as made-up numbers, duplicate numbers, or even product number hijacking.

A GTIN from GS1 ensures and protects your brand’s authenticity so it cannot be confused with similar or counterfeit items.

The GS1 GTIN is a recognised international standard and is accepted globally. Once you have a GS1 GTIN, you can use the same number to expand your business seamlessly to other e-commerce sites, online marketplaces and physical retail stores.

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