GS1 New Zealand releases BRANZ report

Released January 2023, ‘Digital enablement of businesses, government agencies and consumers to make green building product purchases,’ is a report focused on how digital innovations can support a greener construction and building industry.

This report forms part of GS1’s building and construction sector engagement activity. It aims to support our members and the wider building and construction industry, including government agencies, to take advantage of the opportunities highlighted in the document around the use and implementation of structured product master data, digital data templates and global standards. 

Across the world, there is a focus on the digital transformation of the construction sector. There is a refreshed drive for digital innovation and productivity, driven by the need to meet environmental sustainability targets and commitments to the circular economy. This report investigates the digital tools that are available to meet these needs.

Read the full report here

The report was commissioned by BRANZ and is funded by the Building Research Levy.