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GS1 New Zealand’s origins began in the Food and Grocery sector back in the 1970’s. Today, GS1 works with suppliers and retailers to make doing business easier, more efficient and profitable.

Food and grocery sector solutions


GS1 barcodes are authentic, globally recognised and required by the major retailers and online both in New Zealand and internationally. GS1 barcodes are the only ones recognised by Google. Our barcode verification service gives confidence that barcodes scan first time, every time. Learn more about GS1 barcodes and verification reports>>

Product Flow 

Product Flow streamlines how new products get to market. We check the barcode and label information, and take a photograph to ensure the product is good to go - first time. Learn more about Product Flow>>.

National Product Catalogue

The National Product Catalogue (NPC) is Trans-Tasman online tool used to streamline how trading partners share product and price information more efficiently and accurately. The NPC is part of a global network.  Read more >>

Product Recall 

GS1’s Product Recall is an online tool that streamlines how trading partners communicate product recall and withdrawal notifications more efficiently and cost effectively. Learn more about product recall benefits>>

Photography and digital assets

GS1 delivers a range of high quality product photography services for advertising, online and on-shelf shopping.  GS1 New Zealand’s Media Library service is ideal for storing and sharing digital images between suppliers and retailers efficiently and affordably. Read more >>


Food safety is a high priority for those who produce, process, retail, export or serve food. In the food industry, governments and regulators are drafting laws requiring traceability. GS1 provide robust traceability solutions for effective traceability outcomes. Read more>>

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For more information about GS1 and the Food and Grocery industry, please contact GS1 New Zealand via email [email protected] or phone 0800 10 23 56.