Food and grocery

Making business easier, more efficient and profitable.

GS1 New Zealand started in the food and grocery sector back in the 1970’s. Today, GS1 provides standards and services to all our supermarkets and their suppliers. We work across multiple sectors with a large community of producers, suppliers, retailers, logistics people and consumers to streamline business processes making them more efficient, profitable and connected.

Step 1: License GS1 barcodes

GS1 is the only official provider of authentic, globally unique barcode numbers (known as GTINs - Global Trade Item Numbers).

Our barcodes are required by most major retailers, distributors and regulators, both in New Zealand and around the world to identify and track products as they move through supply chains and beyond. Using GS1 barcodes also offers enhanced visibility and traceability for product recalls, sustainability and product authentication purposes.

Step 2: Use ProductFlow; five steps made easy – do it all together! 

Designed for good and grocery suppliers, ProductFlow is GS1’s end-to-end service that takes the stress out of getting your product online and on the shelf quickly and efficiently. Having accurate and up-to-date product information means more engaged customers and more sales.

Learn more about ProductFlow or click on any step within it if you would just like one or two of the services.

GS1's National Product Catalogue

Our National Product Catalogue service (part of Product Flow) is a secure platform to keep all your product information up to date. Load product data once or make changes to existing products – it’s validated by GS1 and then shared with all your trading partners.

Step 3: ProductRecallNZ

What if something goes wrong with your product and you need to get it off the shelves and managed ASAP?

Accidents happen. Product recalls are never planned - having an efficient and cost effective, 24/7, on-line system for recalling or withdrawing faulty product is crucial. GS1’s ProductRecallNZ service is an online tool that enables you to react quickly and effectively to ensure consumer safety and any potential reputational risk to your brand is limited. ProductRecallNZ is recommended by MPI. Learn more

Digital Twin

Ensuring your on-shelf product matches your online product. 

The online ‘digital twin’ of a product is as important as the product packaging is on a physical product. Consumers make buying decisions based on the product information they read. Suppliers and retailers miss out on important sales and put their brand reputations at risk because of poor (or no) information. Learn more

Our On Pack data collection service captures all your label information including nutritional information, allergen warnings, ingredients, country of origin and marketing claims – creating a ‘digital twin’ of your product.

What’s next?  

GS1 2D barcodes are coming soon to a retail store near you!

One small 2D (two-dimensional) barcode can reveal a wealth of information that just can’t be squeezed into a traditional linear barcode. Significantly more product information, such as batch/lot number, serial number, best before date use-by-dates can all be encoded into a 2D barcode. 

And, with GS1’s 2D DigitalLink barcode, you can encode a web-site address (URL) that your end consumers can scan to provide them with even more information such as your brand story, product origin, packaging/recycling information, recipes and promotional material.