Food & Grocery

GS1 New Zealand’s origins began in the Food and Grocery sector back in the 1970’s and today, GS1 is working with suppliers and retailers on a number of key initiatives to make the business of doing business easier, more efficient and profitable.

GS1 collaborates with the key industry sector retailers and Associations including: The NZ Food & Grocery Council, the National Association of Retail Grocers (NARGON), NZ Retailers Association, Foodstuffs New Zealand, Progressive Enterprises Ltd and Efficient Consumer Response Australasia (ECRA).


Barcodes started in food and grocery in New Zealand and today are wide-spread with many retailers requiring GS1 barcodes on products and logistics units (e.g. cartons, pallets etc). Many retailers also require GS1 barcode verification reports before products will be considered for ranging in a store. This helps ensure barcodes on products will scan every time and not cause delays at the checkout or anywhere else in the supply chain. Learn more about GS1 barcodes and verification reports.

ProductFlow for easier market access

GS1’s ProductFlow service makes the introduction of new products to market much easier than previously. The service involves a combination of barcode verification (testing), capturing and storing of product information required by retailers in a secure repository and taking product photographs to ensure new products are shelf ready. GS1, Foodstuffs and Countdown will make ProductFlow progressively available to suppliers in the coming months. Learn more about ProductFlow.

National Product Catalogue

In simple terms NPC is an online product catalogue service that lets suppliers enter, validate, store and maintain all their product data in a single location. This information can then be shared with their trading partners. NPC is well underway in the food and grocery industry with both Foodstuffs and Countdown actively working with suppliers to provide product and pricing information to an agreed suite of requirements. View these requirements.


ProductRecallNZ is GS1 New Zealand’s online portal for product recall and withdrawal notifications in New Zealand. The service is currently being used by both suppliers and retailers in the New Zealand food and grocery industry, although there has been interest from other industries including healthcare. As food safety is becoming more and more important, it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure that a robust recall and withdrawal system is in place. Learn how this service can benefit your organisation.

Photography & Digital Asset Management

We take a range of photos depending on your needs, from planogram and basic catalogue to high quality photos of products suitable for all brand promotional, point-of-sale and online applications. We also have services that will enable you to store, manage and share your digital assets with your trading partners. Find out more here.


Food safety is always high on the agenda for those who produce, process, retail, export or serve food. Governments and regulators worldwide have been drafting laws requiring various degrees of traceability, especially in the food industry and these new regulatory requirements are creating more demand for traceability than ever before. GS1 standards and solutions are the tools of choice globally to provide robust traceability outcomes and assurances. Read more on GS1 traceability solutions and services.

Not a member of GS1 NZ yet? Your first step to utilising GS1 services is to become a member of GS1 NZ. Once you are a member, learn more about the GS1 system and your MyGS1 portal by taking part in a webinar or seminar.

If you require additional information or have any enquiries about GS1 and Food and Grocery, please contact Craig Russell.