Barcodes must scan first time, every time. Product data must be right! Reduce errors, save time and money right from the start – for your retailers and customers. 

Our barcode verification is designed to ensure your barcodes are good to go, and your product data is accurate and up-to-date.

Barcode verification

Our barcode verification service ensures the barcode is perfect and scans properly - every time, anywhere in the world.

We can check barcodes on finished products as well as label artwork. We review the product’s physical attributes such as barcode size, shape, colour, print quality and the encoded data. We provide a barcode verification report that outlines the test results for sharing with your retailer if required. Passed verification reports are automatically uploaded to Woolworths NZ (they require a pass before loading the product into their merchandise system). Foodstuffs also ask that you have your barcodes verified.

Interim verification report

We recommend completing an interim verification report using packaging artwork before printing final labels or packaging. This will reduce the risk of any expensive mistakes when it’s time to print finished labels or packaging. Using artwork, we will assess if any important changes need to be made to the barcode. An interim report is not a final report which must be completed.

Digitising your on-pack product data

As an additional benefit of barcode verification, we digitise your packaging information; capturing all relevant label information including nutritional information, allergen warnings, ingredients, and marketing claims. Creating a digital twin for your product – all at no extra charge to you. This information automatically goes to both Woolworths NZ and Foodstuffs. They really need this data to be  accurate to present your products to consumers via their online shopping channels.

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Benefits of Verification

Reduce errors and save time and money by getting it right from the start

Ensure your end customers have everything they need to choose your product!

GS1 verification ensures your product scans every time

GS1 members receive 5 FREE verification reports annually

Make use of interim verification reports before you finalise your packaging

Valid in New Zealand & Australia

Food and Grocery supplier?

If you need reliable barcodes, high quality photographs and correct product data, our ProductFlow service is the full solution for you.

Note: ProductFlow is available for suppliers to Foodstuffs and Woolworths New Zealand.