Verification is an important quality control tool.

Ensure that your barcode, image or product data is compliant and will not cause delay in the supply chain process with GS1 New Zealand's Verification service.

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Benefits of Verification

Five free verification reports per year for GS1 Members

Reduce errors and save money by getting it right from the start

Ensure your products meet GS1 and retailers requirements

Be confident your barcodes will scan every time

Barcode Verification

Barcode verification is a test performed on your product sample. The test ensures the correctness of the number and the physical attributes of the barcode - size, height, location, reflective properties, etc. The test assesses the correctness and integrity of the encoded number and data as well as the scanning performance of the barcode symbol.

Barcode verification is best performed on an example of a completed product.

Barcode verification failure

Discover some of the reasons for Barcode verification failure.

Image Verification

Image verification is a part of the verification procedures with ProductFlow.

Image verification inspects photographs of your products to ensure they comply with the GS1 Image Specifications and any requirements of the trading partners. 

Image verification failure

Discover what is non compliant in your image for Image verification failures.

Product Data Verification

Product data verification is a part of the verification procedures with ProductFlow.

Product data verification checks your National Product Catalogue (NPC) product data to ensure compliance with the NPC Data Dictionary, Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) Package Measurement Rules and any industry and trading partner requirements. Product data verification ensures customers receive accurate data according to guidelines and specifications.

Product data verification failures

  • Data: Data will fail when it does not comply with the specifications of the National Product Catalogue Data Dictionary.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions must be entered in millimetres with product sides, tops, etc. defined according to the GDSN Package Measurement Rules.
  • Tolerances: Your aim should be to achieve the greatest possible accuracy. Tolerances for dimensions and weight are defined in the GDSN Package Measurement Rules.

Note: GS1 New Zealand can collect your product data for you on request to ensure compliance. This option is provided as part of ProductFlow.

GS1's ProductFlow

Verifications may be requested on their own or bundled in the ProductFlow service.

Save time and money by doing verification within GS1's ProductFlow service.

If you need reliable barcodes, high quality photographs and correct product data, ProductFlow is the solution for you.

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