Governments see the value of using GS1 standards

The New Zealand Government works with GS1 New Zealand by using the same standards private sector organisations use in processes including border clearance, procurement, identification of businesses and traceability.

Global Data Standards (GDS) are instrumental in facilitating international trade. They give world class specifications to ensure data interoperability, transparency and efficiency.

Government sector solutions

New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a unique identifier for New Zealand businesses. Established under a partnership with the New Zealand Government and GS1, the NZBN is a globally recognised identifier that links business information in one place for use by business, government and the public, worldwide. 


GS1 supports a broad range of industry sectors including seafood, red meat, diary and horticulture in their needs for robust traceability for both national and international applications. 

GS1 participated in the Diary Traceability Working Group, set up by Director General of the Ministry for Primary Industries and tasked with:

  • considering the most appropriate regulatory provisions for the traceability of dairy products; and
  • developing a code of practice or similar document to guide the New Zealand dairy industry in implementing the requirements.

Product recall management and food safety

GS1 works with the Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI), industry associations such as the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council and major retailers including Foodstuffs and Woolworths New Zealand, to build modern, streamlined recall and withdrawal solutions.

GS1 New Zealand’s Product Recall service is an online tool that manages recalls and withdrawals – quickly and affordably. The service is seen by both government and industry as a best-of-breed exemplar of how government agencies and industry can work collaboratively to solve complex problems.

Global data standards in cross border trade

GS1 engages with border protection and Customs agencies to support the facilitation of goods across the border. In particular, GS1 New Zealand has provided specialist support to the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). 


GS1 supports Government’s goals around patient safety and cost management. GS1 standards are cited in a number of Ministry of Health Standards and agency guidelines. The healthcare sector is represented on the GS1 Board by the Ministry of Health. Find out more about the Healthcare sector working with GS1.


For more information about GS1 and Government, please contact GS1 New Zealand via email [email protected] or phone 0800 10 23 56.