World Food Safety Awareness

Every day on average, 1 ,600,000 people get sick due to unsafe food globally. 

This year’s Food Safety Awareness day has a special focus on how food standards save lives. GS1’s global standards and identifiers are enablers for efficient traceability and supply chain systems; providing end to end visibility from ingredient/s farmers and growers, processing and food manufacturing and supply chains all the way to the end consumer.

Recalling food quickly to minimise potential sickness (or worse)

This also works the other way when you need to recall your product – fast and effectively. Having an efficient and effective system of withdrawing or recalling faulty product is crucial. You need to be confident you have a robust plan in place to manage these situations quickly and easily to reduce harm, stress and costs. 

Our ProductRecallNZ (PRNZ) service, is an automated, 24/7, online product withdrawal and recall service that streamlines the way you manage and communicate recall and withdrawal information to those who need it, when they need it. Secure notices are targeted, precise and immediately actionable giving you, your trading partners and your customers comfort and confidence that the system is rock solid. Recommended for its speed and efficiency, ProductRecallNZ is your key tool for minimising any impact on your consumers’ health (and any reputation risk to your business). Read more on ProductRecallNZ

Reducing food waste – how can the humble barcode help?

Watch Woolworths Australia case study – 2D barcodes reducing food waste by 40%.