Delivering safer, more efficient healthcare

GS1 New Zealand works with the New Zealand Healthcare sector to enhance patient safety outcomes while reducing the cost of delivery.

GS1 standards and solutions are the most widely used supply chain related standards in global healthcare today.

GS1 Healthcare - Celebrating 15 years

GS1 Healthcare celebrates its 15th anniversary and its outstanding impact on improving accuracy, visibility, and traceability across healthcare to improve patient safety worldwide. Celebrate with GS1.

Healthcare Initiatives

From dedicated healthcare catalogues and data management, to logistics and warehousing and importantly in clinical settings, GS1 standards are seen as part an ever evolving integrated healthcare environment. Read more about GS1 Healthcare.


GS1 barcodes are widely used in global healthcare including New Zealand. Recent research demonstrates that the use of barcodes on pharmaceuticals in community pharmacies is nearing 100% and in hospitals almost 80%. Find out more about the research on barcodes in New Zealand healthcare.

National Product Catalogue/Health System Catalogue

The National Product Catalogue (NPC) is an online product catalogue service that enables suppliers to enter, validate, store, share and maintain all their product data in a single location. This product data can be shared with trading partners, Health Districts, private hospitals and logistics operators.

Photography and Digital Assets

GS1 offers are full Product Photography service from basic to high quality photography for all promotion and advertising requirements.

GS1’s Media Library is a state-of-the-art online service that stores, manages and shares digital assets with trading partners.

Product Recall

Product recalls are a necessary and important part of any secure healthcare system. The system operating in New Zealand is under review and GS1 has submitted its Product Recall service is an ideal solution for New Zealand into the future. 

Global Healthcare Initiatives

GS1 has an extensive library of case studies, pilots, implementations and sector events available from around the world.

Read more about GS1 Healthcare Initiatives.

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