Harnessing the power of standards to enhance patient safety and traceability worldwide.

Globally, GS1 standards in healthcare are enhancing patient safety and clinical outcomes while streamlining operational and supply chain efficiencies - providing improved visibility and traceability at every level.

Safer, more efficient care starts with a simple scan.

Patient safety is paramount in healthcare. GS1 standards help to identify and authenticate pharmaceuticals and medical devices, track and trace products from manufacture to the point of care - ultimately keeping patients safe and improving overall efficiencies throughout the care chain.

Enhancing patient safety globally - watch a GS1 clinical application:

GS1 NZ works closely with the local and global healthcare community to develop and support the use and implementation of our standards to provide globally unique identification (of items and locations):

National Product Catalogue

High quality, accurate and up-to-date product information is very important for efficient procurement, purchasing and supply chain processes. Being able to share accurate information between suppliers and buyers such as Health New Zealand, using a single source, streamlines the processes. 

GS1’s National Product Catalogue (NPC) is used in New Zealand healthcare for sharing product information between medical device, pharmaceutical and consumable suppliers and public and private hospitals. 

The NPC is a key part of Health New Zealand’s Health System Catalogue.

Unique and interoperable across global healthcare value chains

A global standardised system for traceability, from product manufacture to patient treatment, is imperative to comply with the increasing legal requirements for product traceability around the world. Regulators in more than 65 countries recognise that GS1 identification standards and solutions are the foundation to help hospitals and healthcare providers deliver improved patient safety and operational efficiencies. Check the latest regulatory requirements on our global healthcare website

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Are you Ready for UDI?

Unique Device Identification (UDI) establishes a single, global system for medical devices. With UDI, medical devices must be marked with a Unique Device Identifier (UDI) that will appear on the label and package of a device.  The GS1 system of standards provides a global framework to identify, capture and share healthcare product information. Having a single, global system of standards is fundamental for efficient and effective UDI adoption worldwide.

GS1 is a UDI Issuing Agency for the US, EU, China, South Korea and Saudi Arabia meaning that manufacturers supplying regulated medical devices to these markets can use the GS1 standards to implement the UDI requirements.

GS1 standards in action – supporting healthcare’s digital transformation globally for efficiency and better patient outcomes

GS1 standards helping NHS save time, money and most importantly save lives

Delivering the best clinical outcomes

Global Location Numbers - shipments and uses are at the right place at the right time

Te Whatu Ora (Health New Zealand) Health System Catalogue updates