Delivering safer, more efficient healthcare

GS1 NZ works with the NZ Healthcare Industry to enhance patient safety while reducing the cost of delivery through more efficient business processes. This is achieved by using a common language of business and a global standards approach to underpin these systems and processes.

Our unique identification numbers provide complete traceability and ensure that information can be captured and shared automatically, whether it is between departments and healthcare professionals, or between hospitals and their suppliers.

GS1 standards can be applied to patients, medicines, medical devices, patient records, locations and more. They provide a common foundation that in turn improves confidence in care delivery. Quite simply they help ensure that the right intervention is given to the right patient at the right time and via the right route.

GS1 has been involved in healthcare in New Zealand for over ten years. Increasingly, as patient safety and process efficiency outcomes continue to heighten, GS1 Standards are seen throughout the sector as having an important role to play. From dedicated healthcare catalogues and data management, to logistics and warehousing and importantly in clinical settings, GS1 standards are seen as part an ever evolving integrated healthcare environment. Read more about GS1 healthcare.

The sector has a dedicated working group known as the GS1 Healthcare User Group Australasia – New Zealand Chapter (HUGA) which is New Zealand’s local group within the global user community. Pooling the knowledge and experiences of the global effort on healthcare, the group was established to drive the adoption of GS1 Standards in New Zealand healthcare.

National Product Catalogue/DHB National Catalogue (DHBNC)

In simple terms, NPC is an online product catalogue that allows suppliers validate, store and maintain all their product data in a single location. This information can then be shared with all DHB’s, private care providers and logistics operators. NPC is being used extensively in New Zealand for procurement and purchasing by DHB's. It is also being used by logistics providers for supply chain purposes and by government agencies for analytics. NPC is the foundation tool for the DHB National Catalogue being administered by New Zealand Health Partnerships. Read more about the NPC catalogue.

Barcodes and Barcoding

GS1 barcode penetration and use is widespread among suppliers, all main wholesalers and community pharmacies in New Zealand. Recent research demonstrates that the use of barcodes on pharmaceuticals in community pharmacies in nearing 100% and in hospitals almost 80%. Read the latest research about the penetration of barcodes in New Zealand healthcare.


Product recalls are a necessary and important part of any secure healthcare system. The system currently operational in New Zealand is under review and GS1 has submitted that its web-based, automated ProductRecallNZ service is an ideal solution for New Zealand into the future. Read more about GS1 NZ’s product recall solution.

Photography & Digital Asset Management

We take a range of photos depending on your needs, from planogram and basic catalogue to high quality photos of products suitable for all brand promotional, point-of-sale and online applications. We also have services that will enable you to store, manage and share your digital assets with your trading partners. Find out more here.


  • If you are involved in healthcare in New Zealand becoming a member of GS1 NZ may be useful. You can sign up for membership here.
  • If you are a supplier to the District Health Boards (DHB's) and are a member of GS1 NZ, you may want to look into our specialist service NPC - online product catalogue. You will also need to talk to your trading partners to see if they would like you to use NPC.
  • If you are interested in being involved in the GS1 Healthcare User Group Australasia - NZ Chapter, contact us.


GS1 has an extensive library of case studies, pilots, implementations and sector events available from around the world. Read more about case studies.

If you require additional information or have any enquiries about GS1 and Healthcare contact Sharon Coad.