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GS1 celebrates 50 years of collaboration, innovation and leadership

The GTIN – the number behind the barcode – was developed 50 years ago and transformed the global economy.

Asia-Pacific’s economic challenge

A rising tide for all people with a falling environmental footprint. Our ABAC leader shares her vision on digitalisation and interoperability between economies.

COVID-19’s lesson in resilience and efficiency

When the world stopped, we learned a thing or two about what a resilient supply chain really looks like

Consumer information on products .…it really, really matters

Standardising transport data aids global trade

The demand on our transportation sector is the biggest it has ever been and is growing still. Standardised Data can help make this a much more manageable problem.

Shaping the future of building and construction in New Zealand. Be a part of it!

Thought leadership webinar on the future of building and construction with Ruth Brash, General Manager, Merchandise, Placemakers and Mico together with Julien Leys, Chief Executive, Building Industry Federation.

Building and construction can lift productivity through standardised digital product data

New Zealand’s building and construction industry can lift its poor productivity by establishing a digital database on building products. . .

Customer loyalty: How to make customers fall in love with the digital experience

Thought leadership webinar on Customer Loyalty with Sally Copland, WoolworthsNZ.

Free SSCC Logistics Label Tool

GS1 has built a useful, online tool just for our members to streamline this process.  

Sweet as! Speciality honeys beyond Manuka

Everyone knows manuka honey is something special. But what about avocado or pohutukawa honeys?

Barcodes in graphic design - 2020 winners

Raise The Bar 2020, GS1’s annual barcode design competition for students.

Drinkers awake to a new brew from Morningside

Move aside craft beer, there’s a new beverage on the block for people who love different flavours while they socialise.

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