Real business benefits for all sector stakeholders 

GS1 New Zealand works with industry merchants, suppliers and key industry bodies such as the Building Industry Federation to support their industry specific needs.

GS1’s involvement in the hardware industry has focused on product identification and barcoding, barcode quality, sharing product rich data between trading partners and product photography services.

The use of GS1 standards are widespread in the hardware sector and are required by most major merchants. The Hardware sector is represented on the GS1 New Zealand Board.


Building and construction can lift productivity through standardised digital product data

GS1 New Zealand's 2022 BRANZ report

Digital enablement of businesses, government agencies and consumers to make green building product purchases,’ is a new report from GS1 New Zealand focused on how digital innovations can support a greener construction and building industry.

This report forms part of GS1’s building and construction sector engagement activity. It aims to support our members and the wider building and construction industry, including government agencies, to take advantage of the opportunities highlighted in the document around the use and implementation of structured product master data, digital data templates and global standards.

Across the world, there is a focus on the digital transformation of the construction sector. There is a refreshed drive for digital innovation and productivity, driven by the need to meet environmental sustainability targets and commitments to the circular economy. This report investigates the digital tools that are available to meet these needs.

Read the full report here.

The report was commissioned by BRANZ and is funded by the Building Research Levy.

GS1 New Zealand's 2020 BRANZ report

New Zealand's building and construction industry can lift its poor productivity by establishing a digital database on building products, accessible to all industry players and providing them with important product assurance information.

This opportunity is explored in “Digital Product Data for Lifting productivity" - a major new report from GS1 New Zealand on how such a digital database, or repository, would support the building and construction industry and on feasible steps for its establishment.

The report, funded by BRANZ from the Building Research Levy, draws on analysis commissioned from the NZ Institute of Economic Research (NZIER), on international examples of productivity gain from using digital data systems, and GS1 expertise in data standards and related technologies. Read more...

Previous BRANZ reports

'Applying Blockchain to product compliance and assurance in the construction industry' research report undertaken by GS1 New Zealand aims to help understand where and how Blockchain technology could provide new solutions and approaches to product compliance and assurance.

Hardware Initiatives

Hardware sector leaders are aware of the business benefits to industry stakeholders in adopting GS1 standards. Industry wide use of standardised product identification, barcodes and the sharing of product information have improved industry efficiency and enhanced the customer experience. 


Barcode use is widespread in the industry among suppliers and with retailers requiring GS1 barcodes on products.

The major sector merchants require GS1 barcode verification reports before products can be sold in store or online to ensure barcodes will scan first time, every time.

National Product Catalogue

The National Product Catalogue (NPC) is an online product catalogue service that enables suppliers to enter, validate, store, share and maintain product data in a single location. The NPC is being used in the hardware industry with PlaceMakers, Mico, ITM and Mitre 10.

Photography and digital assets

GS1 offers are full product photography service from basic to high quality photography for all promotion and advertising requirements.

GS1’s Media Library is a state-of-the-art online service that stores, manages and shares digital assets with trading partners.


Product Flow streamlines how new products get to market. GS1 checks the barcode and label information, and take a photograph to ensure the product is good to go - first time.

Case studies and resources

Hardware events

GS1 New Zealand and The New Zealand Building Industry Federation host joint sector events. 

Get started

If you are a supplier to Fletcher Distribution Ltd (PlaceMakers and Mico), Mitre 10 or ITM and are a member of GS1 New Zealand, find out more about GS1’s specialist service National Product Catalogue - online product catalogue. Talk to your trading partners to understand the benefits in using the NPC.


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