GS1 New Zealand has been working with industry merchants, suppliers and key industry bodies such as the Building Industry Federation to support their industry specific needs. Typically, GS1’s involvement in the industry has focused on product identification and barcoding, barcode quality, sharing product rich data between trading partners and most recently product photography services for printed material and on-line promotions to support omni channle offerings.

Adoption of the GS1 services (Bar codes, RFID and GS1net) over the past ten years in particular, has demonstrated real business benefits for all sector stakeholders including, improved more efficient business process, enhanced inventory management and improved overall supply chain visibility.


Following in the footsteps of the food and grocery industry, hardware sector leaders have become aware of the business benefits available to all industry stakeholders in adopting GS1 standards. Industry wide use of standardised product identification, barcodes and barcoding, the sharing of product information have improved overall industry efficiency and enhanced the customer experience. 

The industry now has a dedicated industry working group known as the Hardware GS1 Action Group. Pooling the knowledge and experiences of the Australian and New Zealand Hardware industry and following the lead of other global hardware initiatives, the group was established to help develop, promote and deliver user guidelines, training courses and implementation programmes based on GS1 standards. Read More about the Hardware GS1 Action Group.

Barcodes and barcoding

Barcode use is widespread in the industry among suppliers and with all main retailers requiring GS1 barcodes on products and logistics units (e.g. cartons, pallets etc). Many retailers also require GS1 barcode verification reports before products will be considered for ranging in a store. This helps ensure bar codes on products will scan every time and not cause delays at the checkout or anywhere else in the supply chain. Learn more about GS1 bar codes and verification reports.

National Product Catalogue and hardware

In simple terms, NPC is an online product catalogue service that lets suppliers enter, validate, store and maintain all their product data in a single location. This information can then be shared with trading partners. NPC is being used in the hardware industry with Fletcher Distribution Ltd (PlaceMakers and Mico), ITM and Mitre 10 in particular. Each merchant has outlined their NPC requirements of suppliers. View these requirements.

ProductFlow for easier market access

GS1’s ProductFlow service makes the introduction of new products to market much easier than previously. The service involves a combination of barcode verification (testing), capturing and storing of product information required by retailers in a secure repository and taking product photographs to ensure new products are shelf ready. GS1, Foodstuffs and Progressive will make ProductFlow available to suppliers in the coming months. Learn more about ProductFlow.

Photography & Digital Asset Management

We take a range of photos depending on your needs, from planogram and basic catalogue to high quality photos of products suitable for all brand promotional, point-of-sale and online applications. We also have services that will enable you to store, manage and share your digital assets with your trading partners. Find out more here.


  • If you are a new supplier to the DIY/Hardware sector, you will want to be a member of GS1 NZ
  • If you are a supplier to Fletcher Distribution Ltd (PlaceMakers and Mico), Mitre 10 or ITM and are a member of GS1 NZ, you may want to look into our specialist service NPC - online product catalogue. You will also need to talk to your trading partners to see if they would like you to use NPC.

Hardware Events

GS1 NZ and The New Zealand Building Industry Federation host joint sector events and will continue to do so. Take a look at the presentations from these past events.

If you require additional information or have any enquiries about GS1 and Hardware, please contact Justin Saunders.