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Sustainability step up – GS1 in Europe supporting the European Commission’s ‘Green Deal’

Making China's customs clearance processes more efficient and more accurate using the 'Verified by GS1' service

Driving efficiencies between merchants and suppliers through product data in agribusiness

A standards toolkit for cross-border paperless trade

Stepping up standardised and globally interoperable product data in the building sector

The 'Digital Twin' - twice as nice!

Feta Cheese - what's in a name?

The recent Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has implications for New Zealand’s specialist cheese producers.  

Strong support for national building products catalogue

4/08/2022 Today’s Commerce Commission findings included a strong recommendation for the establishment of a centralised digital national key products registry to increase trust and confidence in residential building supplies.

Introduction to 2D barcodes

Exporting GS1 standards – increased product visibility at the border

GS1 standards are used by the vast majority of NZ’s product exporters, providing increased product visibility to streamline the process at the Chinese boarder.

Pasture to plate – reliable, globally standardised traceability

Having good traceability is more than just the ability to do a recall when something goes wrong. It can improve business efficiency and provide ultimate visibility to consumers; answering questions like “where did this come from?” and, “ Is it good for me?”

2D in retail: A new dimension in barcodes

“2D barcodes have immense potential, and we’re excited to see how they will improved food safety, traceability and stock management” GM Business Enablement, Woolworths.

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