New mock recall legislation

Meeting mock recall requirements

New legislation that came into effect in July 2023 now requires food businesses to do a simulated ‘mock’ recall every 12 months. This applies to all businesses that operate under the Food Act 2014, Wine Act 2003, or Animal Products Act 1999, including importers and exporters.

Regular mock recalls help to ensure food businesses are prepared in case of a genuine recall or withdrawal event. Having the plans and procedures in place allows businesses to act quickly and ensure consumer safety.

What you need to know

Under the new regulations, your verifier will look for you to provide evidence of an annual mock recall as follows:

  • How you have assessed the risk and how you would inform (and record) your verifier or New Zealand Food Safety (i.e. completing a Recall Risk Assessment Form).
  • A communication plan (i.e. what instructions and product information you would provide, a list of customers and their emails and a draft point of sale notice).
  • A post “mock” assessment of the process (i.e. a Food Recall Audit Form).

Your verifier may also wish to see the scenario you based the exercise on.

GS1 New Zealand makes it easy

GS1 NZ’s ProductRecallNZ (PRNZ) service is an efficient and effective way to manage all recalls (including mock recalls) and withdrawals. PRNZ is built on a modern, 24/7, secure, on-line platform that manages the end-to-end recall/ withdrawal process. The platform also stores details of events that can be shared with a verifier or be used in the event of future recalls/withdrawals.

“We’re sending mock recall reminders to users to get everyone prepared and compliant with the new legislation,” says Chris Martin, Application Support for PRNZ. “We’ve since seen an increase of members become recall ready and that is growing week by week.”

“We’ve also got some updates to the PRNZ system. Users are now able to save non-subscribed recipients of a recall or withdrawal notification in PRNZ, these could be restaurants, dairy’s or sports bars. This new improvement will mean less stress for users during a recall or withdrawal as all the recipient details they need are in one place.”

Several major retailers in New Zealand require their suppliers to be registered with PRNZ as  it’s an easy way for suppliers to ensure recall readiness and be prepared. You can read more information on PRNZ here, or contact us for more information.