Changing your labels for the Plain English Allergens Labelling (PEAL) rules

The changes to the rules about labelling and identifying food allergens on product labels are fast approaching. By 25th February 2024, all food related products are required to better highlight common allergen ingredients as set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). The new Plain English Allergen Labelling rules will make it easier for consumers to identify what allergens are in food, to help them make safe choices.

How can we help?

If, as a result you're updating your labels, you’ll also need your product information updated on your retailer’s website(s). We can help you with that! After you have updated your product label, send your product in for product verification - we recommend doing so when you make any packaging changes. We'll capture all the NIP (Nutritional Information Panel) and ingredient information which will automatically go to both Countdown and Foodstuffs' websites.

What's more, this is a free service when you send your product in for barcode verificationproduct photography or the full ProductFlow process. Simplifying the process for your business!

We can also help you update your product photography to ensure you have a perfect ‘digital twin’ – the online product images match the physical products.

Ensure your online product consistently matches your on-shelf product.

Consumers make buying decisions based on the product information they read. Suppliers and retailers miss out on important sales and put their brand reputations at risk because of poor (or no) information. Learn more about ‘digital twins’.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team or your GS1 Account Manager.