National Product Catalogue

The smart, secure way to share quality product information with your customers.

National Product Catalogue is a GS1 solution that helps you enter, validate, store, maintain and share all your product data in a single location. It is used by over 800 organisations across New Zealand and holds over 250,000 product records.

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Benefits of the National Product Catalogue

Improve product data quality
with your customers

Updated in real time

One set of master data for
multiple customers

More effective category

Reduced stock outs

Lower stock levels

The National Product Catalogue utilises the GS1 Global Data Model standards

One Product. One Experience. Every Channel. 

How does the National Product Catalogue work?

Your data is validated for accuracy and then pushed out to your trading partners.

As your data changes, you can update your catalogue and share the data with your trading partners, allowing you to update multiple trading partners of any product data changes. Meaning that your trading partners can access up to date information. 

GS1 New Zealand can ensure you meet your trading partner’s requirements as you load your product data to the National Product Catalogue.


Implementation Plans

Implementation Fee

GS1's expert consultants will assist you to become 'National Product Catalogue Ready' for all products you range with your customer. 

There is a one off Implementation Fee to get your full catalogue operational. 

This fee is based on the size of your catalogue and the Implementation Plan you choose.

This fee, is applied for each customer you want to supply. 

Discounts available

Catalogue Size


Fast Track

0 - 10 GTIN's $495

Price on application

GS1 completes the
process quickly for
you at competitive

11 - 50 GTINs  $1,250
51 - 250 GTIN's $2,250
251 - 1,000 GTIN's $2,990
1,001 - 2,000 GTIN's $3,450
2,001+ GTIN's $3,990


Quarterly Catalogue Fee

GS1 New Zealand Quarterly Catalogue Fee is calculated at $3.95+GST per active GTIN per quarter, subject to the minimum and maximum fee caps.

Note: As you load GTIN's to your National Product Catalogue, this will affect your ongoing fee.

For an Affiliate price, please contact GS1 New Zealand.

For full National Product Catalogue pricing details, please click here.

Gross Annual Turnover

Minimum Quarterly Fee

Maximum Quarterly Fee

$0-1m $50 $125
$1-2m $50 $390
$2-10m $50 $1,180
$10-30m $105 $2,440
$30-100m $105 $3,360
$100-500m $105 $5,870
$500m-1b $215 $10,030
$1b-5b $215 $12,670
$5b+ $215 Price on application


All prices are GST exclusive and may vary depending on requirements.
Please contact GS1 New Zealand to discuss your pricing options.

Implementation Plan Discounts

Completion Discount

To incentivise a quick project, we will apply the following discounts for your first customer on the National Product Catalogue.

Standard - First Customer Discounts

Multiple Customer Discount

For each additional customer you sign up for, we will apply one of the following discounts on your Standard Implementation Plan Fee.

Standard - Multiple Customer Discounts

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