Helping to satisfy customer demands using GS1 standards.

The Retail industry is most concerned with improving inventory accuracy. They are also aiming to improve the speed to market capabilities to satisfy consumer demands, while addressing expectations around product safety. 

GS1 standards are important solutions for the Retail sector to capture, identify, share and use to help supply chain operations. 

Meeting consumer expectations

Today's consumer can buy purchase through several different channels, both online and in store. They also have high expectations when it comes to quality, style and service.

At GS1 New Zealand, we work closely with manufacturers, distributors and retailers, to ensure efficient and effective supply chain management.

GS1 New Zealand also supports an open and agnostic approach to eCommerce to ensure retailers are able to provide customers with the most seamless and up to date experience possible.

Digital Twin – the perfect match!

The online ‘digital twin’ of a product is as important as the product packaging is on a physical product. New Zealand research has shown that up to 9% of online products had allergen declarations, and 18% had ingredient information that did not match the physical product information. Even worse, numerous products have an online image that does not match the on-shelf product. Sometimes, there is no online image at all! 

If you make a change to your product remember to send it back to us to update the On Pack information and you may also need us to redo your product photography.

2D barcodes

GS1 2D barcodes offer many benefits because they can have significantly more product information that can be captured and encoded in them. 2D barcodes are commonly used for batch/lot number, serial number, best before date use-by-date and much more – and all in one, single (and small) barcode symbol. 

As well as being scanned at the check-out, 2D barcodes can also be ‘web enabled’ for consumers to scan and be directed to your website.

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