2D in retail: Next generation barcodes

One scan. Infinite possibilities

Consumers, brand owners, retailers, and regulators: it seems everyone wants to know more about products — and as a result, everyone is looking for better ways to access product information.

The challenge? Traditional linear barcodes provide only the product identification number, or “GTIN” (Global Trade Item Number). Even traditional QR codes are limited as they often point to a singular location or web page on the internet.

2D barcodes: the next generation of barcodes

2D Barcodes are set to transform the way our members do business​. A 2D barcode can carry substantially more information than a traditional linear barcode, opening a world of possibilities for Kiwi businesses. Unlike standard ‘QR codes’, GS1 2D Barcodes also go ‘beep’ at point of sale just like a traditional barcode.

Working with retailers and product manufacturers, GS1 NZ is aiming for all retail point-of-sale systems in New Zealand to scan 2D barcodes by 2027.

Increase business efficiency

Drive consumer engagement

Revolutionise point of sale

2D barcodes in action

Woolworths - New Zealand

Woolworths New Zealand say they are improving product freshness, reducing waste and strengthening food safety interventions through their use of GS1 2D barcodes. Read more.

Parla Deli - Brazil

Parla Deli needed to reduce food waste, improve inventory management and be more confident that they weren’t letting expired products get into their customers’ shopping bags. Read the full case study.

Watch - 2D barcodes webinar

On Wednesday 27 April 2022, we were joined by Roberto Olivares, Senior Project Manager Woolworths Australia, and Phil Archer, Director of Web Solutions, GS1 Global Office, to talk about what the introduction of 2D barcodes could mean for the New Zealand market. Watch now.

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