Give your product the best chance of success!

Need to get your product to market? You'll need reliable barcodes, high quality photographs and correct product data. GS1's ProductFlow is the industry solution to support getting your products launched in store and online, then managed efficiently with retailers.

GS1's ProductFlow is proudly supported by over 500 suppliers selling 50,000 products and growing.

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What is GS1's ProductFlow?

"ProductFlow is a one stop shop for our suppliers to help us collect all the images, the product data and any information that helps us to sell the product to our customers."
Kitty Ling- Senior Manager - Retail Analytics at Woolworths

This is an industry initiative to lower costs for suppliers; do it once and provide to many!

Benefits of ProductFlow


Increased data quality

Ensures product data matches
the physical product


Prioritised treatment
from retailers


"ProductFlow allows for quicker product turn around
at Foodstuffs with no time lost for data corrections"

Adam Courtier, Merchandise Manager - Solutions, Data & Delivery, Foodstuffs North Island

ProductFlow Pricing

Pricing is per report and based on a two product packaging hierarchy. 

Note: All prices are GST exclusive. Pricing may vary depending on individual requirements. Additional hosting fees will apply for GS1's National Product Catalogue and MediaLibrary services.

Please contact GS1 New Zealand to discuss pricing options. 

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