Get your accurate and complete product information in store and online faster, ready for the extra sales.

ProductFlow - the end-to-end service that takes the stress out of getting your product online and on the shelf. Better product information means more engaged customers.

How does ProductFlow work?

ProductFlow fully integrates with Woolworths NZ’s systems and is Foodstuffs’ preferred route for suppliers to launch and manage products.

The ProductFlow process starts with loading your product information (data) into our National Product Catalogue. We then ensure the product image is retail ready, or take a photo if required. We will check that the label data is accurate and record it in our 'On Pack' database. Importantly, we will check the barcode to ensure it's good-to-go. Once all our checks are done we will share everything with your trading partners.

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Product information (data)

You begin the ProductFlow process by loading your product and pricing data into our National Product Catalogue (NPC). When our team receives your product, we will verify this information and ensure it is accurate and complete. 


  • Barcode: Our team verifies that your barcode identifies the correct product, matches the barcode number and will scan no matter where it is in the supply chain. Passed verification reports are automatically uploaded to Woolworths NZ (they require a pass before loading the product into their merchandise system). Foodstuffs also ask that your barcodes are verified by us.
  • Images: Our team verifies that the images accurately represent the product the end customer will receive.
  • Product data (NPC): We verify that the data loaded into your National Product Catalogue is accurate and complete.

On Pack data collection

Customers are paying more and more attention to what’s in a product. Our On Pack service captures all the label information including nutritional information, allergen warnings, ingredients, and marketing claims – creating a digital twin for your product. This information automatically goes to both Woolworths NZ and Foodstuffs. Please remember to send your product back to us for updating if you make a change to this information.


Our photography team are experts at making your product shine – providing you with consistently high-quality images that meet your trading partners' and your online requirements.

ProductFlow Pricing

Pricing is per report and based on a two product packaging hierarchy. 

Note: All prices are GST exclusive. Pricing may vary depending on individual requirements. Additional hosting fees will apply for GS1's National Product Catalogue and MediaLibrary services.

Please contact GS1 New Zealand to discuss pricing options. 

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