Identify, capture, and share vital product and location information efficiently – connecting trading partners here and globally.

Starting with the humble bar code in the grocery sector over 50 years ago, we now help members across many sectors such as government, healthcare, hardware, logistics and transport share product and location data.

We’re a not-for-profit – existing for the success of our members.  Join us and use our standards and services to connect your value chain

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We’re a not-for-profit standards organisation, owned and governed by our members. We have a strong focus on connecting businesses to streamline processes and optimise ecosystems (like supply chains) to improve efficiencies and save our members time and money.

Membership has many annual benefits including free technical support and barcode testing (verification) as well as 10 free barcode graphics - to get you started correctly and quickly.


To licence our barcodes and purchase any of our global standards and services you’ll need to become a member.

Membership Fees

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* GS1 fee structure is based upon Annual Turnover, which allows easier entry into the market for smaller businesses.

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GS1’s barcodes are the global standard for capturing information to connect up your supply chain - GS1 is the only authorised source for barcodes worldwide.

Barcodes have two parts – the unique number (Global Trade Item Number) you licence from us and, the graphic.

License barcode numbers:

If your company requires barcodes you can licence GS1 barcode numbers (Global Trade Item Numbers) to use on your products.

Barcode graphics:

GS1 members receive 10 free barcode graphics annually. One barcode graphic is $15 +GST

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  Note: All prices are GST exclusive.

Key membership benefits

GS1 Membership is essential for businesses and includes a variety of benefits

5 FREE Global Location Numbers (GLNs)

10 FREE barcode graphics annually

5 FREE verification reports annually

GS1 services discounts

Priority membership support

Beneficial and informative GS1 training 

Planning to sell your products in North America?

Please note: EAN-13 barcodes should work in North America but only if the retailer's system is set up to take 13-digit numbers. 

We recommend you ask your North America trading partner to specifically check that their system is UCC/EAN compliant (with a field that accommodates 13-digit EAN number) – or, ask your distributor to. 

If not, you’ll need a 12-digit US barcode (a UPC widely accepted there and globally).

GS1 members; complete the form below or call us (there will be an extra cost for these). 


Just starting out, testing the market and possibly don’t need a full membership yet?  To license barcodes and location numbers as an Affiliate, you:

  • Have a very limited product range and need just a few barcodes. Note: for each product, you may need more than one barcode; one for an individual product, a carton/case or a pallet. 
  • Have an annual turnover of less than $1 million.

Barcodes have two parts - the unique number (Global Trade Item Number) you licence from us and, the graphic.


Licence fee/ per number
(GST exclusive)


Cost per barcode graphic
(GST exclusive)


Why turnover category?

To become a member of GS1 New Zealand, we request you confirm your turnover category.

GS1's fees are based upon your Gross Annual Turnover, which allows easier entry into the market for smaller businesses.

Confirming your Turnover Category ensures you are correctly invoiced right from the start.