Standards that capture

Capture important product and location information using a GS1 capture solution. Choose a GS1 barcode or a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag for scanning at the checkout and throughout the supply chain.

We can also help make your product shine every time. Our product photography service provides the visual information that data can’t quite cover, or we can capture it all for you – the label data, visuals and a barcode test using our ProductFlow service, so you can focus on other things.

Barcode graphics

Barcodes have two parts – the unique number and the graphic.  

You’ll require a new barcode graphic for each new barcode number you assign to a product.

The barcode graphic is the familiar black and white symbol used to read your barcode number and other important product information.  We offer a range of barcode and RFID solutions based on your needs, application or use in the supply chain. 


Barcodes are the backbone of supply chain automation, allowing your items to be processed as quickly as possible with one scan


If you need the smallest possible barcode or the most robust, GS1’s barcodes can flex to meet your business’ needs

Truly unique globally

GS1’s barcodes are the global standard for capturing information and GS1 is the only authorised source for barcodes worldwide. So you can sell and connect up your supply chain globally

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RFID tags

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to capture and read information stored on an RFID tag attached to your product.

RFID tags fast track traditional scanning methods and are an efficient inventory management tool - with the ability to read multiple tags at once and from several metres away. RFID replaces error-prone, manual processes and provides retailers with reliable and up-to-date information.  





The way you display your product across all your channels matters. Product photography captures information that simple text can’t offer and communicates this to customers to help them make their purchase decisions. Meet all of your trading partner’s requirements and industry standards every time by ensuring you have consistently great product photography.

Accurate & reliable

Meet your trading partner’s requirements every time


Fast process and quick turnaround times

Great value

We work with you and your needs and have a range of bundle deals available


ProductFlow is a one-stop-shop for getting your product to market so you can get back to doing the things you need. Our team captures your product’s image, scrapes the information from the packaging, checks the barcode and shares the verified data with your retailers so you experience quicker turnaround times and never deal with correcting data again. 


GS1 verifies your barcodes

On Pack

GS1 digitises up to 60 nutritional, claim, ingredient attributes


Validate accuracy of data vs physical product before retailer uses it


GS1 captures product images (or verifies those you provide)

2D barcodes

GS1 2D barcodes offer many benefits because they can have significantly more product information that can be captured and encoded in them. 2D barcodes are commonly used for batch/lot number, serial number, best before date use-by-date and much more – and all in one, single (and small) barcode symbol. 

As well as being scanned at the check-out, 2D barcodes can also be ‘web enabled’ for consumers to scan and be directed to your website.