Spotlight on a new member - Two Dudes skincare more than skin deep

Two Dudes skincare is helping Kiwi dudes across the motu care for not only their skin and hair but their mental and physical wellbeing too. “There’s a massive men’s health issue in general where men don’t really take care of themselves. We created our products to help men look after themselves and give back to men’s health,” says Two Dudes Co-Founder Mike McRae.

The two dudes behind the brand are Tom Tappin and Mike McRae. Since launching the company in November 2020, they’ve expanded their product range from face wash and moisturiser to a full range of products for face, hair and body - including a ball butter for testicular cancer awareness.

As the ball butter suggests, Two Dudes are passionate about men’s health. 10% of all profits go to men’s health organisations such as New Zealand Men’s Health Trust, Fix Up, Look Sharp and New Zealand Nurses Organisation. Their newly launched $2,000 scholarship, aims to increase the male nurse workforce from their low share of 8%.

While many companies are increasing their prices, Two Dudes have just done the opposite - making good on a promise to their customers: “We promised that if you helped us enter supermarkets, we’d be able to produce the same products you love, for less…” Their prices have been reduced up to 30%.

Two Dudes is now available in all 40+ New World’s in the South Island, 15 Fresh Choice supermarkets plus a range of other stores nationwide.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews from their customers, it’s not surprising that Two Dudes products have won multiple awards. At the Men's Products Awards hosted by Beard Awards in 2022 they won: Best New Brand, Best Social Enterprise, Best Moisturiser (night cream). Plus, multiple honourable mentions.

GS1 has supplied the dudes with barcodes, verification and our MediaLibrary service. “You guys are one of the suppliers where it’s just been awesome and seamless,” Mike McRae says of working with GS1.

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