Step 1: Barcode basics

Step one of your retail-ready journey covers everything you need to know about barcodes - helping you to understand what makes up a barcode, how barcodes are used for different packaging levels, how to assign a barcode, and rules for assigning new barcodes.

Here’s a short video to get you started

You can also refer to the GS1 NZ User Guide and the GTIN Management Guide these guides expand on the content covered in the video. More information and guides are also available in our support centre.

GS1 membership benefits

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Your next steps

  1. Assign a barcode to your products
  2. Download a barcode graphic
  3. Work with your packaging designer to incorporate your barcode into the packaging

Once you’ve completed these steps, we recommend requesting an interim verification report to identify any immediate errors in your packaging design - find out more about verification reports in step two, Verification. Or head back to the Getting Started Hub home page to see all steps.