Step 6: ProductRecallNZ

Accidents can happen - but when they do, you want to react fast and effectively to ensure consumer safety and reduce the risk of reputational damage to your brand. 

ProductRecallNZ streamlines the way you communicate recall and withdrawal information with notices that are targeted, precise and immediately actionable. It enables effective and efficient communication of recall and withdrawal information between businesses.

What is a product recall?

A product recall is any corrective action taken to remedy a product safety issue – as a business you are responsible for ensuring your products are safe for consumer use.

Get recall ready

Here's what you need to do:

  • Register
  • Do a mock recall
  • Update your internal processes and confirm your recipients and you're done.

The ProductRecallNZ process

Recommended by the Ministry of Primary Industries for its efficiency, ProductRecallNZ simplifies recall steps onto a single platform and removes the manual processes which can often lead to errors.

Benefits of ProductRecallNZ

Faster, more complete recall of any faulty products

Real time notifications and data exchange

Minimise stress and reputational damage

An easy to use system can replace manual processes

Perform ‘mock recalls’ for auditing and training purposes

Reduced costs in the withdrawal and recall process

Great, you're finished!

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