Step 2: Verification

Our verification service is an essential step for getting your product retail-ready – ensuring your product will be accurately identified at the point of sale and wherever it is in your supply chain.


The verification process

Using your sample product (in its retail packaging), our verification team validates the barcode number and graphic are correct, that the barcode will work when scanned by your retail partners, and that the associated data correctly identifies the physical product.

When the verification team checks the barcode, they look at its physical attributes – size, scale, location, colour, reflective properties, and print – assessing that these attributes meet the GS1 Global standard.

Interim verification report

If you haven’t printed your packaging, we recommend requesting an interim verification report first.  This will reduce the risk of any expensive mistakes when it’s time to print. Using your packaging artwork, an interim verification will assess if any immediate changes to the barcode graphic need to be made. This report is not considered final by retailers.

GS1 barcodes and retailers

GS1 verification ensures your product scans every time. Our global standards assure both you and your trading partners that your product will be easily read by scanners – here and globally.

Find out more about our verification service in our verification quick guide.

GS1 verification benefits

Valid in NZ & Australia

Make use of interim reports before you finalise your packaging

GS1 members receive 5 FREE verification reports annually

GS1 verification ensures your product scans every time

Your next steps

  1. Request an interim verification report
  2. Use the feedback to finalise your packaging
  3. Request a verification report and send in your sample product

ProductFlow - our end-to-end service for speed to shelf

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