Step 3: ProductFlow

ProductFlow - the end-to-end service that takes the stress out of getting your product online and on the shelf. Better product information = more engaged customers.

Load your data into our National Product Catalogue. Once you have loaded your data, our team captures your product’s image, digitises the information from your packaging, verifies the barcode, and validates that all data and images are retailer-compliant. This information will then be automatically pushed out to your retailers.

Watch the video to see ProductFlow in action.

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Let's break it down:


  • Barcode: Our team verifies that your barcode identifies the correct product, matches the barcode number and will scan no matter where it is in the supply chain.
  • Images: Our team verifies that the images accurately represent the product the end customer will receive.
  • Product data: We verify that the data loaded into your National Product Catalogue is accurate.

On Pack

Customers are paying more and more attention to what’s in a product. Our On Pack service captures your label information including nutritional information, allergen warnings, ingredients, and marketing claims – creating a digital twin for your product.

Product information (data)

With help from our implementation team, you begin the ProductFlow process by loading your product and pricing data into our National Product Catalogue/Rapid (NPC). When our team receives your product, we will verify this information and ensure it is accurate. 


Our photography team are experts at making your product shine –  providing you with consistently high-quality images that meet your trading partners' requirements.

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