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What is a barcode?

Barcodes are made up of a barcode symbol and number.
The symbol can be scanned enabling businesses to identify and track products as they move through the supply chain.

Are you planning to sell your products in the North American market?

Please note our EAN-13 barcodes should work in North America but only if the retailer's system is set up to take 13-digit numbers. Please check with your importer or agent in North America to determine if the stores they sell to (or intend to sell to in the future) can scan EAN-13. If in doubt you will need a US barcode (Universal Product Code - UPC) which contains a twelve-digit number - these are widely accepted in North America.

Please fill out the form below or give us a call (there will be an extra cost for these).  If you do need UPC it is usable everywhere in the world so you may not need to label separately for any other market.

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Full Membership

As a GS1 member you can licence blocks of barcodes (Global Trade Item Number - GTIN).

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Affiliate is for small, start up businesses with annual turnover of less than $1 million, who want to identify their limited product range.

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Barcodes in action

Barcodes in Healthcare

GS1's barcodes are used in New Zealand Healthcare sector to enhance patient safety outcomes, while reducing the cost of delivery. GS1 barcodes are the most widely used supply chain related standards in global healthcare today.

Barcodes in Logistics

Barcodes in Logistics provide a fast and reliable system to manage stock, this includes securing the right items at right location, quality control of master data as well as identifying stock as it moves through the supply chain.

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Barcodes in Retail

Barcodes are used on retail products to help retailers sell products quickly and efficiently. They're used for scanning at the checkout as well as managing stock levels.

Barcode Verification

When you have a product with a barcode, you need to ensure the barcode number is correct and the barcode symbol will scan. Retailers may ask you to get your barcode verified before submitting your product to their stores. 

GS1 can test and verify for barcode correctness and barcode quality.

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