UPC Application

Issuance of Company Prefix: UPC Company Prefix is for use by businesses located outside of the United States that conducts business inside of the United States. The Company prefix may not be sold, leased, sublicensed, or subdivided for use by others.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: The use of the Company Prefix may be subject to Laws and Regulations of the United States Government (including without limitation those of the United States Food and Drug Administration) and it is my obligation to comply with all such applicable laws and regulations.

Termination of Right to Use Company Prefix: GS1 US shall have the right to terminate the Company Prefix if: GS1 US determines in its sole discretion that the NZ Company is using the Company Prefix in a manner contrary to GS1 US’s rules and guidelines or contrary to laws and regulations.

At your request in writing, we can terminate the UPC Prefix, and you then have no right to use the prefix and this Prefix will be removed from GS1 Registry and all other sharing mechanisms.

Number of UPCs

(GST exclusive)





UPC Application Form

As a member of GS1 NZ you are bound by the Terms & Conditions of Trade of GS1 New Zealand Incorporated. You must read them to understand your obligations as a Customer of GS1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood your obligations under these terms and conditions, as a breach by you, will be actionable by GS1.

NB: There is No Refund once UPC has been requested.

I am authorised to enter into this agreement: