Serial Shipping Container Code

Want your transport unit to arrive at its destination?

Pallets and other transport units are required to be labelled with a GS1 logistics label. Each shipping container, transport unit or pallet is identified with a unique tracking number called a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). 

The SSCC is an 18-digit number that is unique for each unit. By having a SSCC on your transport unit, will help it get to its destination and you can track where it is along the way. 

Free SSCC Logistics Label Tool

GS1 New Zealand is providing members with an easy online tool for businesses that need to create logistics labels with Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) that will get you 'retail ready'.

The SSCC Logistics Label Tool (GS1 Print) can be accessed anywhere at any time and produces customised labels for printing directly from our MyGS1 member's portal

This Tool does not replace sophisticated software that integrates into your business's core systems or manufacturing lines for printing SSCCs. If this sounds more like you, please talk to one of GS1's friendly Solution Providers - they're very willing to assist you!

Want to learn more about SSCC?

Join us for a webinar overview of the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).

In the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) Training, you will discover the basics of using this integral logistics standard.

Serial Shipping Container Code Labels - Supplier Information Pack

Read the guide to using the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) standard, in both a grocery industry supplied working document and a grocery industry supplied video to get you up to speed on pallet labelling. Serial Shipping Container Code Labels - Supplier Information Pack

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