Introduction to 2D barcodes

One small change in barcodes that’s going to create enormous benefits for your business and your customers.

Consumers, retailers, businesses, and regulators, are wanting to know more about a product – on the shelf, online and throughout the supply chain.  Getting better visibility of specific individual product information such as - what is it made of, expiry dates, where it comes from, where it is right now, its sustainability and more.

The GS1 2D barcode (i.e., GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 QR Code) can have significantly more product information encoded in it, such as a batch/lot number, best before date, use-by-date, and weight – all in one, single (and small) symbol.  And, they still include the GS1 unique barcode number that is currently used in your linear barcodes (you won’t need new numbers). 

The GS1 Digital Link 2D barcode can also have webpage URLs encoded in them – so consumers and others can be guided to information online such as a full brand or product story (including where that product is from for example). 

On Wednesday 27 April, we were joined by Roberto Olivares, Senior Project Manager Woolworths Australia, and Phil Archer, Director of Web Solutions, GS1 Global Office, to talk about what the introduction of 2D barcodes could mean for the New Zealand market.

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