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GS1 New Zealand members are varied and diverse; like the nation itself, the GS1 community thrives on diversity.

At GS1 New Zealand, suppliers and customers meet in a spirit of cooperation unseen anywhere else in the corporate world. Industry and geographic boundaries are crossed and every business, from micro to multinational, enjoys equal standing. 


Spotlight on a sustainable business

Meet our members the Bostock brothers and hear about how they’ve built a sustainable business and are using compostable packaging to help solve the reducing plastic problem we all face

The constant brewer

Garage Project (GP) is a brewer. It’s also a place where people are constantly thinking up new beers (and natural wines too), and challenging the very notion of what beer is and can be.

Healthy breakfasts, healthy business growth

Something To Crow About has just that!

Eco-friendly Entrepreneurs

Passion for less plastic wrapping in everyday life has made accidental entrepreneurs of Stacia Jenson and Miko Hayashi.

Pic's Really Good Peanut Butter

With the use GS1 standards, Pic's peanut butter is spreading across the world smoothly.


Business is humming for Bruce Clow. He and his family own and run beekeeping products supplier Ceracell

Greenroots Juicery

People can be drinking Greenroots Juicery products just 24 hours after their ingredients have been harvested from field, garden or orchard.


Kitty Ling from Countdown talks about the importance of high quality images and a digital asset management system.

Foodstuffs North Island

Lavika from Foodstuffs talks about the importance of high quality images and a digital asset management system.

Te Mata Figs

Te Mata Figs is a family owned, organically certified fig grower and award winning fig manufacturer, established from a passion to grow amazing figs in the warm Mediterranean type climate of Hawke’s Bay.  

Over the Moon Dairy

Cows don't jump, even on the lush pastures of the South Waikato.

I Love Pies

The world needs better pies! A business that bakes and distributes gourmet pies of the highest standard in taste and quality.  

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