Cancellation of GS1 Membership

Completion of this form will cancel your GS1 Membership.

Important Notice:

  • Before cancellation can proceed there must not be any barcoded product in the market.
  • A member is liable for licence fees up to the date of cancellation. If cancelled within 3 months of the start of the licence year, there is a full credit of fees. If cancelled between 4 and 6 months there is a monthly apportionment.
  • Any use of the GS1 system after the cancellation of membership, for whatever reason, is strictly forbidden. Continued use renders the ex-member liable for any damage which might be suffered by GS1 New Zealand, or any of its members. 
  • Failure to complete this form in full and legibly will result in a processing delay.
  • Until the cancellation is confirmed the account will remain current and all invoices remain due for payment. 

On cancellation of this Licence, your rights under this Licence shall terminate and you will immediately comply with the following:

  • Cease to use intellectual property: cease all direct or indirect use of the GS1 numbers and related Intellectual Property
  • Return materials: return (without retaining copies thereof) all materials, notes, data, instructions and other papers, Samples, materials and property GS1 has supplied or items which contain GS1 Intellectual Property relating to the GS1 numbers.
  • Cease applying GS1 numbers: cease applying GS1 numbers to any of your products manufactured or sold by you after the cancellation date.

Any reinstatement of membership will be subject to new members fees and payment of all outstanding fees in full. GS1 New Zealand has the right to reassign your GS1 barcode number(s) to another organisation. GS1 New Zealand may contact relevant major New Zealand retailers to confirm this cancellation. If the business is being sold, then permission will be required from GS1 New Zealand before there can be any transfer of the Intellectual Property rights. 

Request for Cancellation of Membership