On Pack data collection order form

Please attach a spreadsheet with details (example below) for each product

Barcode Number (GTIN) Description Brand Sub Brand Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Release Date Retailer Access
9421012130010 GS1 NZ Acme Widget Red 150g GS1 NZ Acme 10 5 2 N/A Woolworths NZ, Foodstuffs (New World)
9421012130027 GS1 NZ Acme Widget Blue 200g GS1 NZ Acme 12 7 3 2019-03-30 Woolworths NZ Only
9421012130034 GS1 NZ Acme Widget Yellow 125g GS1 NZ Acme 11 6 3 2019-04-15 Foodstuffs (New World) Only


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Note: GS1 aims to turn around priority requests in 1 business day and regular requests in 3 business days.

The data collected from the pack of this product may be transmitted to your customers via the GS1 National Product Catalogue or a GS1 API. In the event that you have previously submitted On Pack data directly, it will be replaced with this updated information by the GS1 team.