We help our members save money, improve services to their customers and clients, and increase sales through the use of GS1 NZ services.

We understand that every sector has distinctive opportunities and challenges; to help we offer sector specific GS1 system and supply chain solutions. Our sector experts work with you to understand your business issues and identify the best approach to meet your particular needs.


Find out what we offer for your industry:


New Zealand is reliant on the productivity of its Agribusiness sector. GS1 standards are critical in the Agribusiness industry to improve identification and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Books and Magazines

GS1 supports the use of ISSN and ISBN numbering for use with books and magazines to uniquely identify a publication.

Food and Grocery

GS1 New Zealand's origins began in the Food and Grocery sector. Today, GS1 works with suppliers and retailers to make doing business easier, more efficient and more profitable.


The New Zealand Government sees the value of using GS1 standards. GS1 New Zealand works with the government to support border clearance, procurement, identification of businesses and traceability.


The use of GS1 standards are widespread in the Hardware sector for product identification, barcoding, and the sharing of product information to improve industry efficiency and enhance the customer experience.


GS1 standards are the most widely used in global healthcare supply chains today. GS1 New Zealand works with the New Zealand Healthcare sector to deliver safer, more efficient healthcare.


GS1 standards are important solutions for the Retail sector to improve inventory accuracy, enhance the speed to market and address product safety expectations to satisfy customer demands.

Transport and Logistics

GS1 New Zealand's robust information technology and data systems can enhance the efficiency, visibility and security of supply chains in the Transport and Logistics sector.