Selling on Amazon? GS1 is here to help you!

Why GTINs Matter in the Online Shopping World

If you are planning on selling your products on Amazon, you will need to have a GS1 GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) - a unique, authenticated product identifier that can be tracked or traced anywhere in the world.

GTINs can be called the barcode number, universal product code (UPC) or EAN. They are names for the number that is needed to generate a barcode. Unlike SKUs, which are unique to each company, GTINs are a global standard.

How you can get a GS1 GTIN?

In order to get a GS1 GTIN, you will first need to become a GS1 New Zealand Member. It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Fill out the Membership registration form, in which you will be asked how many GTINs you will need for your products. Speak with a GS1 New Zealand team member if you need to find out how many GTINs you require: Phone 0800 10 23 56
  2. Your subscription request will take approximately one business day to process.
  3. Once processed, you will receive an email from GS1 New Zealand confirming your membership along with details on how to access your GTINs.
  4. Once you have created your GTINs, you can assign them to your products. You can now supply these GTINs to Amazon and any other retailers you want to list with.

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Benefits of a GS1 GTIN

  • Eliminate the possibility of counterfeit products.
  • Do more business around the world with globally recognised GS1 identifiers (GTINs).
  • Trade with other major New Zealand retailers, who require GTINs.
  • Make your online advertisements more effective. Businesses who use product identifiers and GS1 Smart Search can receive more ad impressions.