GS1 launches a New Zealand first

New feature streamlines the sharing of product claim and safety data documents - powered by GS1's MediaLibrary

Managing and sharing product claim documents and material safety data sheets can be a complicated, costly and stressful process if not done properly. 

Current processes are often manual, inefficient and paper-based and often the same documentation needs to be supplied to multiple trading partners. Documents get lost, they expire and managing who to send them to can be difficult. 

GS1 is pleased to announce a new feature in GS1 MediaLibrary that will streamline how you manage, store and share product claim documents and safety data sheets - in a secure, 24/7, online location.

Document Management Made Easy 

Obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Regulations, require those supplying Hazardous Goods to provide a Safety Data Sheet when goods are first supplied to trading partners and to renew them every five years. 

From Monday 2 September 2019, you can use a GS1's MediaLibrary account to store and share product claim documents and safety data sheets both internally and with trading partners such as Foodstuffs and Woolworths NZ, who also have access to GS1's MediaLibrary.

By using GS1's MediaLibrary in this way it will also make it easier to ensure your documents are current with up to date product photographs. 

Using GS1's MediaLibrary to store these important legal documents will make managing your obligations to substantiate claims under the Fair Trading Act when making product claims and Health and Safety at Work legislation for hazardous goods much easier. Trading partners (such as Foodstuffs and Woolworths NZ) will be able to access substantiation documents on GS1's MediaLibrary easily and immediately.

If you have GS1's MediaLibrary subscription, this document hosting is FREE  and there's NO LIMIT to the number of documents you can upload. For documents with expiry dates, a reminder service can be set up when the document is due for renewal.

Take control of how you manage, store and share those important legal documents and safety data sheets with those who need them, so they can access them when they need them, easily with no fuss.

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Please contact GS1 New Zealand's Support Team if you have any enquiries.