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GS1 New Zealand members are varied and diverse; like the nation itself, the GS1 community thrives on diversity.

At GS1 New Zealand, suppliers and customers meet in a spirit of cooperation unseen anywhere else in the corporate world. Industry and geographic boundaries are crossed and every business, from micro to multinational, enjoys equal standing. 


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Te Mata Figs

Fig growers Helen Walker and Murray Douglas have rejoiced in a bountiful crop, ripened in the same warmth and dry that burned off nearby Hawkes Bay grazing land.

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Primo Baits

To catch lots of fish, you need great bait. Every keen fisher knows that. But finding a ready (and legal) supply of the best bait is easier said than done.

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Over the Moon Dairy

Cows don't jump, even on the lush pastures of the South Waikato.

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I Love Pies

The world needs better pies! A business that bakes and distributes gourmet pies of the highest standard in taste and quality.


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Cranberries Westland

The antioxidant-packed, tasty little berry is easy to grow and process, and apparently there is huge unmet demand on global food markets.

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Coastlines International

It must be the only global business to have originated in Ahipara. Sean Kennedy still calls the Far North village 'home'

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Blue River Dairy

Dairy products don’t just come from cows. Great cheese can also be made from sheep’s milk – and Blue River Dairy Products has the awards and the growth in customer demand to prove it.

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Homemade Lemon Muffins 3 large

Blue Coconut

Blue Coconut has the science to show that its oil, cold pressed from coconuts grown on Pacific Islands, can greatly reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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