Barcode Numbers

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Barcode Numbers

Every item in the global supply chain needs to be uniquely identified, and we use Barcode Numbers (Global Trade Item Numbers) to do that. This gives companies efficient ways to access and share information about their products

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

A GS1 GTIN is a globally unique identification number for an item or product and can be used to identify products at any packaging level. Once a company has assigned a GTIN to a trade item, it provides a common language for all its entities and trading partners worldwide to uniquely identify the item and easily share its data.

Why use GTINs?

As a unique number, GTINs give your retailers and consumers trust in what’s on the physical and digital shelf.

GTINs identify your products,
so they can be tracked and traced through the global supply chain easily and efficiently

Truly Global
GTINs are the Global Standard for identifying items and GS1 is the only authorised source for GTINs worldwide

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