The industry recall solution

ProductRecallNZ enables effective and efficient communication of recall and withdrawal information. Easy for your trading partners, connected to your regulator (for recalls) and online. Modernise the way you communicate recall and withdrawal information with notices that are targeted, precise and immediately actionable.

Active companies: 2050 and growing!

ProductRecallNZ (PRNZ) works for all businesses to communicate recall and withdrawal information quickly and accurately:

  • Raw material and ingredient suppliers
  • Manufacturers and processors
  • Distributors and food service companies
  • Retailers and restaurants

Why do you need it?

  • Faster, more complete pull back of any faulty products
  • Minimise stress and reputational damage
  • Replace manual processes with an easy-to-use system
  • Information notification and exchange in real time
  • Ability to perform ‘Mock Recalls’ for auditing and training purposes
  • Reduced costs in the withdrawal and recall process
  • The ability to target tailored notifications to selected companies
  • Improved capacity to track and trace products

ProductRecallNZ is a web based system where registered companies are able to log into when they need to communicate notice of a recall or withdrawal to a trading partner. You will need to sign up to use this service; this is not a tool you only access when a problem arises.

The web portal enables you to create a notification when you discover a fault with your product; this notification can then be sent out electronically (augmented with SMS message) to manufacturers/processors, retailers, or other distributors (like food outlets or restaurants). Receivers (e.g. retailers/manufacturers) are also able to report back on progress and status on each recall or withdrawal via the system.

ProductRecallNZ Advisory Group

The ProductRecallNZ Advisory Group meets twice a year. The purpose of this group is to develop, prioritise and implement strategic initiatives that will ensure ProductRecallNZ remains an industry solution that is relevant, up to-date, and provides an accurate platform for the management of recalls and withdrawals in New Zealand.


  1. Complete the sign up form
  2. Initial call from GS1 NZ (within 2 weeks of signing up)
  3. Account Administrator User Login (10mins)
  4. Attend Webinar (35 mins)
  5. "Recall Ready" Sign-off – certificate issued
  6. Perform Mock Recall (optional)

Click here to register for a webinar.

If you are not a member of GS1 NZ and wish to enjoy the benefits of membership, then sign up here.

Gross annual turnover Annual member fee Annual non-member fee
$0-1m $99 $170
$1-2m $260 $475
$2-10m $470 $840
$10-30m $725 $1,325
$30-100m $1,040 $2,250
$100-500m $1,575 $3,425
$500m-1b $1,900 $4,250
$1b+ $2,350 $5,500

What these fees include:

  • Unlimited access to the ProductRecallNZ web portal (as an Initiator, Receiver or both) to manage your organisation's recall and/or withdrawal notifications
  • Ability to both issue and receive recall or withdrawal notifications
  • Unlimited number of user accounts to provide individual staff members' access to ProductRecallNZ under predefined user types
  • Telephone and email support from the GS1 New Zealand Services Support Team
  • User guides and technical guides

For more information on our terms and fees check out the following documents:

Training sessions: We have weekly webinars which are interactive sessions that can assist you in understanding and using ProductRecallNZ. You can register for a webinar here.

Mock Recalls: You are also able to use our 'Mock Mode' facility if you wish to run through a practice notification. Please see our user guide for carrying out a mock notification here.

Assistance: You can view important documents relating to ProductRecallNZ by visiting the Help Centre. Alternatively, during normal business hours (8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday –Friday) contact GS1 NZ on 0800 10 23 56 or send us an email to [email protected].

Assistance outside of business hours: In the event that you need additional assistance outside of normal business hours GS1 will be happy to provide support up to 9pm provided that initial contact has been made before 5:30pm. Please in these instances contact Joe Drysdale on 027 446 6052. Please note that additional assistance outside of business hours only relates to support for the creation and issuing of 'Live' Notifications.