ProductFlow is a GS1 NZ product ranging service. It has been designed to help facilitate the introduction of new products and notification of any other range changes to your customers. GS1 works with you to get things right to allow these processes to happen smoothly with your customers.

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ProductFlow is currently being used by over 200 suppliers to these organisations and this is growing weekly.

Using ProductFlow allows you to:

  • Get guidance and support from GS1 to help streamline the process of introducing new products and managing other range changes with your customers.
  • Ensure your products are represented by your customers with accurate barcodes, product information and digital media such as product images.
  • Allows you to remove manual forms and other customer specific inefficient processes from your business.


Once you are signed up and are ProductFlow Live with your customer(s) you simply make a Product Flow application each time you have a new product or other range change. GS1 will then verify with you that you have fulfilled the ProductFlow requirements.

If you have not met these requirements GS1 will give you an opportunity to correct any problems and resubmit for final checking. 

Once this process is completed both you and your customer will receive a Product Verification report outlining the results of these checks. For those of you familiar with GS1 Barcode Verification report, you can think of this report as an extension of that report to also include other facets like product data.

The actual ProductFlow requirements will be dependent on your customer’s needs but would ordinarily involve product data, barcoding and product images.

More often than not your application will require you to send your finished product to GS1 to support the verification process. At the same time you will have the option to use GS1 to perform other tasks e.g. taking a product image

ProductFlow actually uses a number of other established GS1 NZ services to facilite the exchange of information between yourself and your customers. These are:

National Product Catalogue: The industry product data catalogue where you load your item and pricing data and where your customer retrieves it from.

GS1’s digital asset management services (includes SmartMedia/ Fetch/ iBank): The industry digital media repository where your customer will go to get your product images and other digital media. GS1 can take these images for you or you can load compliant images yourselves or via a 3rd party. You do not need to sign up GS1 asset management services to use Product Flow if you have no requirement to use them yourself.

MyGS1: This is the GS1 NZ customer portal where you will go to fill out the simple Product Flow application and request optional help if required. This is also where you customer get the results of the product verification checks. 

Getting on board is quick and easy

  1. Ensure you are familiar with the details on this page - how it works, pricing plans and training and support
  2. Sign up here, and our team will take you through the implementation process (defined in the pricing plan)

Note: If you are signing up for ProductFlow for Foodstuffs, you need to ensure you are firstly a "Foodstuffs Approved Supplier". You can do this via their website here.

ProductFlow fees* comprise of 3 key components:

  1. ProductFlow Implementation Plan – no cost for this, see table below
  2. ProductFlow Verification Fees – For GS1 NZ members verification of all requirements costs $30 per GTIN. You receive 5 free verifications per year.
  3. National Product Catalogue Quarterly Catalogue fees - To have your product data available in your industry catalogue. Already applicable to existing National Product Catalogue users. For full details on these fees please click here.

Optional extras:

  • We can collect & load your product data to the National Product Catalogue for you for a fee of $40 per product
  • We can also take your product photographs

*Please note that if you are not a member of GS1 NZ, other fees apply. Please contact us if you have any questions - 0800 10 23 56

ProductFlow Implementation Plan

  Service includes
ProductFlow "Start-up" group webinar


National Product Catalogue training group webinar


ProductFlow Ready certification


Full support for your first new product introduction


Sign up now


Training sessions: We have free weekly webinars designed to educate you about our Services and how they can benefit your business.

Assistance: If you require more information about ProductFlow please visit the Help Centre which contains detailed documents relevant for current users. Alternatively please phone us on 0800 10 23 56 during normal business hours, or send us an email