Global Location Number

A Global Location Number (GLN) is used to identify locations. A GLN can be used to identify physical locations, legal entities or functions within a legal entity.

The GLN is similar to a Global Trade Item Number (sometimes referred to as bar code number). It is 13 digits long but issued individually by GS1 NZ.

If you require technical documents relating to GLNs, visit the Documents & Tools Library.

What can Global Location Numbers identify?

Just as a GTIN (bar code number) uniquely identifies a product, a Global Location Number will uniquely identify one specific location.

GLN’s can identify a:

  • Physical Location (a company’s specific warehouse, a dock within a warehouse, a specific delivery location, a storage location, a specific shelf in a store, an operating theatre or a storage cabinet)
  • Legal Entity (a whole company)
  • Function within a Legal Entity (a buying department at a retailer, an invoicing department, a nurses station or a hospital ward).

Why would you use Global Location Numbers?

The use of GLNs provides companies with a method of identifying locations both within or outside their organistion that is:

  • Simplesign up as a member of GS1 NZ to obtain a GLN. GS1 NZ Full Members receive five free GLNs
  • Unique – GLNs are unique worldwide
  • Multi-Sector – you can use a GLN to identify any location for any company regardless of its activity
  • Global – GLNs can be used worldwide and are supported by the international network of GS1 Member Organisations
  • Encodable in GS1-128 bar codes and EPC-enabled RFID Tags – can also be physically marked onto trade units, transport units and physical locations.

How do I get a Global Location Number?

To get a GLN you need to be a member of GS1 NZ - Find out more about our membership options.

If you are already a member, simply login into your MyGS1 account and on the left hand side menu click on ‘Global Location Numbers’. On this page you will see your GLNs and can edit the details assigned to each GLN. (Not sure of your login details contact us – 0800 10 23 56.)

If you are a Full GS1 NZ member you receive five free GLNs. You can be allocated more GLNs by logging into your MyGS1 account.